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When a man's jawbone drops off, it's time to reasses the situation.

7 December
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A tiny bit of totally useless background: I'm an atheist, democratic socialist, slightly bisexual, transgender, extremely liberal, pro-choice, and extremely supportive of the GLBT movement. I have very little patience for people who can't keep up with me and my ego, and I love to be cynical, sarcastic, and generally a raving wise-cracking pessimist.

I'm the opposite of patriotic - I don't believe in blindly putting my faith in anything without evidence, and that includes my country, god, the tooth fairy, and good-tasting vegetables.

My fandom is Stargate Atlantis with some occasional dabbling in other fandoms, and I have a bit of an obsession with Joe Flanigan (and various other older men. See: Robert Downey Jr., Harrison Ford, etc.).

Pet's name: Fenrir
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